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El "Tramwaytours - Vieja Ciudad" de Ginebra les invita a un regreso al pasado. A traves la calles y calljuelas descubrira la ciudad vieja que cuenta con 2000 años de historia escrupulamente guardada.

Información Description
Intitulado Line 1: Geneva Old town of Geneva
Código STTG01
Apertura Daily from March to December 31th
Horarios Departure every 45 minutes
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Quai des bergues
Descripción The "Tramway Tours de Genève" invites you back to the past.Through its narrow streets and alleyways you will discover the old town and its 2000 years of closely guarded history. It was in Geneva, international capital, that the International Red Cross was founded as well as the league of Nations (U.N.).
Duración del circuito 35 min
Circuitos Departure at Quai des bergues, Place Bel-Air, the General Dufour equestrian statue, the University of Geneva, Le Mur des Réformateurs, Le Palais Eynard, Palais de l'Athénée, Le Palais de Justice, the Town Hall, Statue of Pictet de Rochemont, Bust of Henry-Dunant, House de Saussure, Place Grand-Mézel, Hôtel de Résident de France, At 9 rue Calvin, House Calvin, St-Pierre Cathedral, House Tavel, Ancien Arsenal, Baudet Tower, Musée Rath, Rue de la Corraterie, Grand-Théâtre, the Conservatory of Music.
Salida Quai des bergues
Punto de regreso Quai des bergues
Commentarios By tape, French - English - German - Italian - Spanish - Japanese
2 languages by tour
Número de asientos 50 adults or 80 children
Importante For the weather, the traffic or cultural events, the schedule can be modificate.
Informaciones niños Children from 0 to 3 years, free of charge - Except groups
Children from 4 to 12 years old, child's fare applicable
FAQ Stop available at the St-Pierre Cathedrale if communicated prior by email
For more information send you an email : info@sttt.ch